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In the year 2021 the Law of the European Union made provisions for online casinos in the form of the Single European Money Laundering Convention, which includes all member states of the Union. The implementation of this law is supposed to curb the growing problem of money laundering and terrorism financing that were facilitated by the previous lax regulation of the Norwegian casinos. The amended law provides for strict implementation of laws pertaining to gambling, especially with regard to internet gambling. It has ensured stricter implementation of laws relating to gaming and the increase in controls for online gaming and gambling in general.

There are only two licensed betting sites in Norway, both of them have very poor game listing, very low odds and poor functional abilities. All Norwegian laws are under strict government control, in fact the law that was adopted almost a decade ago is still under full control. The amended law on gambling has been incorporated into the civil code of Norway, which has made it practically impossible for any online gaming site to be licensed or operate legally. In order to be permitted to operate a gambling site in Norway the norgescå organization must adhere to all the laws, rules, regulations and procedures of the government and must have proper gaming software installed that meets all the legal requirements of the Norwegian law. Any company found not meeting these requirements may soon find itself out of business as Norway is well aware that it is a small country with limited resources.

The new law on online gambling passed in 2021 makes it very difficult for Norwegian casinos to operate their games and they have implemented a set of new laws and restrictions. These laws include mandatory game registration and the implementation of a system of mandatory taxes to be paid by all internet gaming sites. These taxes are in addition to the taxes that each individual player will be required to pay. This means that if a player deposits more than he or she should be obliged to pay and if he or she fails to pay that amount the player will then have to pay the tax on top of the deposit. All these taxes are a result of the fact that Norway is one of the world’s largest recipients of tourists and it wants to make sure that they are able to provide a safe and secure environment for them by cracking down on crime in general.


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